Tuesday, October 12, 2010

North by North Wells

Here's a picture of a new commission that is 11 feet by 15 feet. It's on display in the lobby of Cobblers Square 1350 N. Wells. Cobblers Square is one of Chicago's most unique and exclusive apartment complexes in the city of Chicago. It used to be The Western Springs factory and then in later years was the Dr. Scholls factory. When it was converted from a factory into rental units 25 years ago, Andy Warhol was commissioned to create a painting. Recently, the building has undergone a massive face lift and my painting was part of that face lift. The owners wanted a new painting done in a "POP" art style and thought my work was very much in that vein. Well, here is the completed piece. And below is a brief story on it's construction.Here is my assistant Jacob Sullivan and my friend Matt Ascuitto helping to adjust the stretcher bars to make sure everything is level.
Here we are, Edmundo Fernandez, Matt Ascuitto(and not pictured Mateo Bilitari and Erik DeBat) getting ready to lift the stretcher bars to the wall. You can see the stretcher bars underneath our feet. Because the lobby is in a giant atrium, and although it is enclosed, the painting will face some varying enviromental changes which necessitate the stretcher bars being exceptionally well built. All said and done the stretcher bars themselves probably weighed close to to 400 lbs. As you can tell, none of us look too excited at having to move them unto the wall.Here my assistant Jacob and myself are making initial measurements for the cleats, which will support the painting.The painting was too big to fit in my studio. Luckily, I was able to paint it inside my mother-in-laws garage. The added benefit was that I could open the garage door to bring in fresh air.The paint fumes have got to me.