Saturday, April 25, 2009

Latest Commission Painting

"SUPER COAL" 35 inches by 60 inches. Spray enamel and Benjamin Moore house paint.

My client wanted me to paint their family dog but they couldn't decide which picture to use. So, I took their
three favorite picture's and used a comic narrative to weave them all together in a cohesive way to showcase all of their pet's unique personalities. This family has had me do other stuff for them in the past and they always let me put my personnel stamp on every new assignment. I'd like to give a shout out to Philip, Rebecca, John and Em for all of their support towards my creative adventures. I'm pretty wasted in this photo. My regular respirator filter's were trashed so I was forced to make do with one of those disposable face mask one's. It didn't offer much protection because after 8 hours of spraying I was feelin a little warped -- as you can tell. Photos by Blake Fearn

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