Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Saturday at Art Chicago

First thing Saturday morning I set up at the bridge on Wells and Wacker. But there was very little foot traffic. I noticed a block west looked a little more heavily traveled so I moved over there. But when I got there, nothing. Once at my new position I noticed my last spot began to get a constant stream of people. It was like being at a check-out line and no matter which one you pick, it'll always be the wrong one. It didn't matter because the wind was getting a bit treacherous and I decided to go back to where I was on Friday, at Wells and Hubbard. But before I left, I was able to sneak a picture of the local legend "The Walking Dude" in his natural habitat.

In general, Saturday was much more subdued than Friday. I think with the Cubs game in the afternoon. The Blackhawks and Bulls both in play-offs games later that day, business was slow. At least not as good as Friday. I did manage to sell out of everything but it took 9 hours.

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