Sunday, February 15, 2009

Adventures in Wicker Park

This is probably my favorite of my Mies Van Der Rohe IIT building series.
This painting is of Beatrice Dalle, the french actress. My initial reaction was I thought it had been a failure. It just didn't turn out the way I imagined it would. I wasn't gonna even let you see it. But I've changed my mind. It's kinda got a raw feel to it, that in some ways is very different from the other stuff I've done. It looks more like a drawing than a stencil.

Today I finished 6 new paintings to bring with me to Wicker Park to sell. Once down there, immediately I noticed a discernable difference in temperment of the denizens of Wicker Park compared to those good people of downtown Chicago. People were too cool to even give a passing glance at the ArtKart. My hopes were slowly being dashed at the prospect of selling any art today. I stood at the busy intersection of North and Milwaukee for about 45 minutes without
one nibble. No one even asked for a card. Which is rare. So, I decided to move further down Milwaukee.
Once there my luck changed immediately because of some special visitors. My friend Anna Katrin and Christine stopped by. Anna brought me a much needed coffee and a delicious cookie. Thank you Anna, you don't know how much I needed that sweet, hot caffeine. It was cold today. Frigid and blustery, and I'm not just talking about the attitude. I'd been out there an hour already and that wind was starting to get to me.
While they were there, I sold the Burroughs piece and then Christine bought the new Bukowski
painting. And soon after that, I sold the Sugar piece and a Skyline canvas. I was feeling good but I had some guy who saw me taking in all that cash and I felt he was thinking of trying to roll me. I called Jossie to come get me. It had been two hard hours of selling and it was time to go home.


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  2. You rule!
    Congrats on having success. What's the dilly-o with all of the folks giving you the cold shoulder at first? They stink.
    Glad you sold work and didn't get rolled.

  3. I really like this "traveling art show" thing! How fun!

    Let me know if you'll ever be on the corner of Montrose and Kedzie... I'll come stand next to you with my own "paintings"... Haha!