Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Inside peak at new work

Here's a new painting that's been keeping me busy. It has an obvious comic book feel but I really spent time figuring out a different color palette variation than the one typically associated with comics. I wanted to keep the primary color feel but with some variation in character. The colors are an update of the comic theme. Kind of pastel in nature. Slightly, muted. You'll see why I did this as I get closer to finishing it.

When working on a painting I try to bring in outside influences as much as possible, like what I'm reading, what music I'm digging and of course what films I'm watching. While working on this painting I was reading "The Devil In The White City." I challenged myself to try and imagine how landscape architect Olmstead would color a comic book. Yeah, it sounds pretentious but it's true.


  1. Hi, Jeff. Another interesting painting you've got going. I read "The Devil In The White City" a couple of years ago. It stayed with me for a long time. Interesting how they tied the World's Fair together with a serial killer, and true to boot. It'll be interesting to see the what influence shows through. Dad...

  2. The painting is awesome, I hope I get to see a finished product.

    I got too see another "inside peek" at your other new work today! :) Congrats, pops, he looks just like you!