Monday, March 2, 2009

Mickey Rourke acceptance speech @ Indy Spirit Awards

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Mickey Rourke. He's been my favorite contemporary American actor since I was a kid and saw him in the movie "Body Heat." He's only in it for a little bit but he steals the fuckin movie playing a level headed arsonist. I even did a painting of him a couple of years ago. I used a still from the movie "Rumble Fish" in which he played Motorcycle Boy, a color blind, former gang leader, who is starting to slip into psychosis.

When I displayed the painting everyone was like, "why did you do a painting of him? He's a joke." And I was constantly having to school people on why he deserved a painting. So, I was glad to see him make a come back. Although, I know he never went anywhere. He still made quality appearances in some fine films in the last decade i.e. - Rainmaker, Animal Factory, Spun, Sin City and Buffalo 66, to name a few.

With all of the positive attention Mickey Rourke received, I was able to
finally sell my painting of him for a decent price. I'm happy about that but I'm bummed as hell he didn't win the Oscar. But I knew he'd blown his chance. Weeks before the Academy Awards, he was on "Larry King Live," talking about making an appearance at Wrestlemania 25 to fight against Chris Jericho. His publicist went ape shit on him and had to work overtime to deny the statement. But overnight what everyone thought was a sure thing, him winning the Oscar, went the other way in Sean Penn's favor.
Oh well. But at least we get this great acceptance speech at the "Spirit Awards. ENJOY!

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